My art is the diary of my journey. I make a scene and captured it as an image based on what did i do, why its happening, how it affected, and i did certain things, try to solve it. Right now i think about misery, sickness, desperation, death, and all those fucked up things which we can not ignored. Why i think about those sad things? maybe because i forget the pleasure of it. I do things, but i do realized that its not great either. Although it looks allright back then, its actually just scraps, a shite.

Things that i have, I just got it, play it for a while, then i`ll lose it, and its gone forever, and some of them make a word of regret. Hmm.. after that things happen, i just make another reason as an purpose of my life journey. Try to prove to my self that im a man of steel. Just prove it to my self, not to someone else coz i dont rate compliment, for me it just a symphaty act.

And right now, part of me is sick and dying. And i think, if it going away dor good, it wont coming back again. Yes, for this one, i`ll not make a reason to reincarnate another line. I`ll just let it go, coz i know this one have not a subtitute. Not even methadone, alcohol, sigur ros, jim carrey, and even best guru in town will cure this part. Ahh mate.. You did care, you did love, you did sacrifices, but one think that seemly you forget is how to take that kind of responsibility. Have a nice sleep mate.. dont dream, later you`ll hurt, again.



And in the end, i just say to my self that im not that fucking stupid
and i know that everything will be just fine.