.a millimeter slide

- another thoughts and words vomiting -

I`m a narrator for my own path.

Recently, i have some issues that really flucked me upside down.
And now i found a new perspective for seeing things.
Things changed, neither did i. And those changes are made for a reason.
Being good or bad, being more or less, or even maybe being something that people judged
coz things that i left behind. Hmmm.

For now, i see things can be so different just by sliding a bit of focal length
on my pupil by a milimeter, and things will be look much so different in my thoughts.
Just a bit slide.. just a milimeter distance..
O dear Lord, im starting to get exhausted for doing radical act.
Hmmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hm.

This is about meaning things.
This is about a way of seeing things.
This is about me and my perspective.

And from what i`ve been through.. being grey and alienated its a choice.
I am Me.
Just a bit.. not too much.


who said that i loved being alone ?
who said that i didnt like to party ?
who said that i can`t dance ?

one of them is me at kusuma`s bowler party,
which one ?
im the one who wore white shirt and brown bowler.



Tiny but Bold

Did this on 28-08-2008
Chitra Subiyakto in my lens view.

Just like a tweetbird


... but still, i know everything will be just fine.

.begin-ing (RED)

... -ish ...

..Its only a begining..



.Jalu Roost-Man

Suatu saat nanti saya akan punya peliharaan.
Ayam Jago. Akan saya beri dia nama "Jalu Roost-Man".
Dia ayam petarung, namun dia lebih suka menghabiskan waktu
berteduh di bawah pohon cemara di pelataran rumah saya kelak
sambil mengais cacing dan nikmati angin sore.
Dia suka di photo dengan kamera lubang jarum yang saya buat dari semangka.
Dia hobby catur dan suka kopi luwak.

Dia, Jalu Roost-Man.




inhale and exhale,
feel pulse beating slowly in my right side brain,
a bit of melancholic anthem,
.. silencia ..

.. felt fishy, but comforting though ..