.from old archive

when 2005-2006 jogjakarta.
miss that moment so.
travelin` around with and old camera and one roll film.
When journalism photography blend with emotion.


.bambang and slamet Series

.random portrait

laydown in parangkusumo sands.
listening songs of the ocean.
hey.. wheres my shrooms?


just another silly day @the office

(.psychiatrist) and governor.


i welcome you, dear governor.

dear o my.. o my...
me still playin with sceptical view
ha. ha. ha. smurrffff.
My view about political emotive series.

bukan, akhir.

Please name this scene lads..
For me, hmm.. this scene is just bold-ing my hardrock ego. Yeaghh. right.

Theres nothin` in this hectic scene called the world that i trust except mr. Kusuma 01, 02, 03, and blah blah blah to free my psychadelic poet of wordsvomit and joker ego. Ha. Ha. Ha. Free me, lads..

There was a kusuma who screaming out loud from the desk of Mr. Faith. Me just vomiting words lads..