.Antonism : get well soon

Teacher, friend, and ex-boss Anton Ismael
Sekarang lagi terkapar di RS Pondok indah karena
Demam berdarah dan typhus.

He got bitten by Aedes aegypti. scaryyy... hiiiiiiii

laen kali kalo disuruh istirahat, nurut napah..
damn old stubborn..bwahahahaha
get well soon brotha..
you still owe me a treat at lapotuak!


(sumpah, senyum loe lebih kliatan psycho ketimbang imut)


.officialy 25


great midnight, great friends,great lover,
and absolutely great number!

thx a lot and heart to laras, genu, panji, ayoeonyeng
for their surprise party and willing to spare their time,
travel kilometers away from jakarta to bekasi.

huggyhug plus billion thanks for friends
who willing to give their best wishes for me, amen.

well, now im officialy 25 and im happy with my life
that surrounded by my not so many friends :)



"Dear mom and dad, every thing will be jusf fine :)"

Talent : DellaDarla
Location : Third eye studio
Canon G10 and Contax T2

can`t draw well, i sketch.

1. in the mood of bowie // pet(o)lution

2. beauty-less // role model

3. i am ok // better place to go

4. rub, me // every man need a shelter


Bekasi sunday fairground

My first time using Goldie (Contax T2) to shoot.
Film : Kodak color plus 200
Location : Bekasi stadium and market district
Big thanks to Laras for the accompany :hug:

Sunday, 3 may 2010.
Public fairground, for free.
Bekasi, is a growing suburb in West Java, Indonesia,

located on the eastern border of Jakarta.

The Parade.

parade 01
playground 02
parade 03
parade 04
parade 05
parade 06

The Playground

playground 01
playground 02
playground 03
playground 04
playground 05
playground 06

The Points.

points 01
points  02
points 03
points 04
points 05
points  06