.friends and vision

Im tryin to observe what the duck they were thinking.

Tryin to be them for a while. Exercising my vision as a third person.
I dont care if what im saying is completely false.
I still believe that my friends will take this thing easy.
Maybe a slap in my head, but after that,
beer and booze will take care this issues. (hopefully)

And its all about vision and destination.

Hello. My name is Andries Sembiring.
I work for one of the Goverment Department as a journalist.
Right now, im in the biggest station in jakarta, Gambir station.
I dont want to go to anywhere. Different routes that i saw is just like a fake plastic dreams that lead you to nowhere. I am me. I still do have friends to share stories and booze while talking about poverty issues. I enjoy the moment when my girl phoned me every 2 hours just to check where the hell am i. Its all that matters.


Hello. My Name is Agan Harahap.
People know me as an visual artist than my job as a journalist in one of music magazine in jakarta.
Right now, im in the national monument (Monas). Its a symbol for Jakarta city.
I want to conquer this city, this nation, through my work. I put all my nerves to work on something that make people will argued things that i do. Art is a grey thing to do and to be judge. People used to think that im a stubborn and antisocial artist. But the hell, i am what i am. Its all that matters.