.Hello, meet Mapple.

Hello, meet my new friend.

Her name is Mapple (Malang Apple).

What will she do next.. will you give me a hint..

1. Putrampan sekali (uuk) says : gigit2an mas yog... (biting)
Mapple : I bite sharp metal!! garrhhh

2. Priscilla Jamail says : Hahaha! She should dance! (dancing)

Mapple : I do Breakdance!

3. Aditya Nugraha Putra says : Mapple bisa nyanyi lagu?? (singing)
Mapple : I love my voice, i always record my voice while im singing!

4. Nara Pratama says :
can mapple ? Jumping, please :)
Mapple : Jump around by House of pain is playing right now.

5. Agan Harahap says :
mapple, engkau mulai berwarna kecokelatan
dan tak lama lagi engkau akan membusuk.

Mapple : Yes, im brownier and will rott in a day maybe.
But still, im such a stubborn. I`ll do other things till i really rott and unshaped.

6. Andra Alodita says :
mapple suruh cium gue dong..
Mapple : MMuuaacchhhh!! xoxo

.fightclub of mine

I have an imagination, about releasing pain.
Rage, my own fight club, and the best opponent of it,
is ourself.
So let the best soul win..

kill.. kill.. kill.. o.. kill

kill.. kill.. kill.. o.. kill

kill.. kill.. kill.. o.. kill

kill.. kill.. kill.. o.. kill

kill.. kill.. kill.. o.. kill

kill.. kill.. kill.. o.. kill


.friends and vision

Im tryin to observe what the duck they were thinking.

Tryin to be them for a while. Exercising my vision as a third person.
I dont care if what im saying is completely false.
I still believe that my friends will take this thing easy.
Maybe a slap in my head, but after that,
beer and booze will take care this issues. (hopefully)

And its all about vision and destination.

Hello. My name is Andries Sembiring.
I work for one of the Goverment Department as a journalist.
Right now, im in the biggest station in jakarta, Gambir station.
I dont want to go to anywhere. Different routes that i saw is just like a fake plastic dreams that lead you to nowhere. I am me. I still do have friends to share stories and booze while talking about poverty issues. I enjoy the moment when my girl phoned me every 2 hours just to check where the hell am i. Its all that matters.


Hello. My Name is Agan Harahap.
People know me as an visual artist than my job as a journalist in one of music magazine in jakarta.
Right now, im in the national monument (Monas). Its a symbol for Jakarta city.
I want to conquer this city, this nation, through my work. I put all my nerves to work on something that make people will argued things that i do. Art is a grey thing to do and to be judge. People used to think that im a stubborn and antisocial artist. But the hell, i am what i am. Its all that matters.

.Falling in Love

I just felt, that im falling in love.
Gold afternoon was a perfect scene in the past several days.
She made me wake up with bumping her ass in my face.
She ate everything that looks colourful around her,
but my nose is her most favourite thing to bite (now i knew that my nose quite red, thx love).
And around 8pm she fall a sleep in my lap while im doing my work.
For now, in my phase to be a better man, that is a bliss for me.

Im OK.
Guu gu Bahh BaGu Ga gaahhh
Do we look alike? *hmfmfmmfmf*


My art is the diary of my journey. I make a scene and captured it as an image based on what did i do, why its happening, how it affected, and i did certain things, try to solve it. Right now i think about misery, sickness, desperation, death, and all those fucked up things which we can not ignored. Why i think about those sad things? maybe because i forget the pleasure of it. I do things, but i do realized that its not great either. Although it looks allright back then, its actually just scraps, a shite.

Things that i have, I just got it, play it for a while, then i`ll lose it, and its gone forever, and some of them make a word of regret. Hmm.. after that things happen, i just make another reason as an purpose of my life journey. Try to prove to my self that im a man of steel. Just prove it to my self, not to someone else coz i dont rate compliment, for me it just a symphaty act.

And right now, part of me is sick and dying. And i think, if it going away dor good, it wont coming back again. Yes, for this one, i`ll not make a reason to reincarnate another line. I`ll just let it go, coz i know this one have not a subtitute. Not even methadone, alcohol, sigur ros, jim carrey, and even best guru in town will cure this part. Ahh mate.. You did care, you did love, you did sacrifices, but one think that seemly you forget is how to take that kind of responsibility. Have a nice sleep mate.. dont dream, later you`ll hurt, again.



And in the end, i just say to my self that im not that fucking stupid
and i know that everything will be just fine.


.Kenya The Old Labrador

My name is Kenya.
Im 9 years old. Old enough to watch mature dog porn.
And this is my tiny little playground.