RAWflatbed by Yogi kusuma
Initiative portofolio about men collection
Image captured by HP deskjet scanner.


.From Sri to Sophie

Sri was looking for a job. An honest job.
A long journey from her village, Cirebon.

He met Jono (he changed his name to John), a friend from her village.
He is the one that
Sri parents trusted (and paid) to take care of Sri
and to get her a job. "You will become a waitress in Batam, Sri.
But first you must perfect your english languange skills
need to change your appeareance.
From now on,
youre name is Sophie", said John to Sri.

And the story goes on.....

Sophie now became a star in Taiwan. There`s no longer Sri.
There`s only Sophie dancing in a pole...

with a dead soul.

"UNICEF estimates that 100,000 women and children are trafficked annually for
commercial sexual exploitation in Indonesia and abroad, 30 percent of the
female prostitutes in Indonesia are below 18, and 40,000-70,000 Indonesian children are victims of sexual exploitation. The East Java Children’s Protection Agency estimates that at least 100,000 women and children are trafficked annually from, through, and to East Java.

Indonesian women and children are trafficked for sexual and labor exploitation in
Malaysia,Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.
A significant number of Indonesian women voluntarily migrate to work as
domestic servants but are later coerced into abusive conditions.
Some Indonesian women are recruited by false promises of employment and
are later coerced into prostitution or forced labor."

(Human Trafficking issue)



Doubt Chapter:

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool
than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt"

- Abraham Lincoln -


.Night in Asgard

"Night in Asgard"

Photography by Yogi Kusuma

Klambiku by Sekar Larasati

Model : ByancaLou

Wardrobe and accessories : Sekar Larasati
Wardrobe assistant : `Teh Euis
Make up : Cherry Wirawan
Photography assistant : Zaenal "Jenny"
Location : Bangka IX, Kemang, Jakarta.

.Self Romping

- s e l f r o m p i n g -

Just an initiative portofolio
feat. Lee Cooper


.a play

... , and everything will be just fine.


it is just a play.

olympus xa3
kodak gold 200



it`s easy now, how did i solved my problems recently..
work, friends, family, love, life
and other issues than related to others..
yea.. just blame someone else..

and i already have someone to blame to..
just walk close to the mirror, and there you go..
"hi fugitive.. its all `ur fault"