.Hello, meet Mapple.

Hello, meet my new friend.

Her name is Mapple (Malang Apple).

What will she do next.. will you give me a hint..

1. Putrampan sekali (uuk) says : gigit2an mas yog... (biting)
Mapple : I bite sharp metal!! garrhhh

2. Priscilla Jamail says : Hahaha! She should dance! (dancing)

Mapple : I do Breakdance!

3. Aditya Nugraha Putra says : Mapple bisa nyanyi lagu?? (singing)
Mapple : I love my voice, i always record my voice while im singing!

4. Nara Pratama says :
can mapple ? Jumping, please :)
Mapple : Jump around by House of pain is playing right now.

5. Agan Harahap says :
mapple, engkau mulai berwarna kecokelatan
dan tak lama lagi engkau akan membusuk.

Mapple : Yes, im brownier and will rott in a day maybe.
But still, im such a stubborn. I`ll do other things till i really rott and unshaped.

6. Andra Alodita says :
mapple suruh cium gue dong..
Mapple : MMuuaacchhhh!! xoxo


Unknown said...

lucu banget nih...hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe lucu