.reason one

And yes, like my note before i really screwed up. Yes i screwed up again and right now what did i do its affected to other people feelings. Rage, regrets, and words full of emotions stabbing my lungs just like 2012 prophecy. The question is, why did i do it? i could give a million answers, all false. The truth is, im such a bad person.

And 7 and a half hour a go i stil stand for my line that "i`ll choose for living my life with no reasons". But after couple of hours thinking about the haha-haha thing in that such grey psychadelic limbo that will cheer me up, lighten my night and so felt whatever for tomorrow, a nice laugh from across the door shoot me up like a nuclear blast on my brain and lungs. And she just ate and lick my nose then peeing on my bed. "Gaabuu Gaaa Miii omm Booo...", she said. And now i felt that i have reason for living my life with fill with reason. And i found one just right now.. i believe there will be more..

Yes, im such a bad person for now..

But thats gonna change, im goin to change. I`ll be a better person. Im gonna moving on goin straight and choosing life. Im looking forward it already. Im gonna be just like you. The job, the family, fckn big lcd television, washing machine, the car, my own coffee machine, good health, low colesterol, life insurance, junk food, choices of cardigans , and jeans, cold granite floor, wooden wall, walks in the park, checking daily job emails, childrens, good housing wife...

.. clearing by... looking ahead the day you die..


onlydee said...

yogi ku link blog mu ke yeah!