Every man have a secret little playground that no one knows where it is and not even his love of his life will had a permition to enter and able to play together. That secret little playground is a place that a man can be himself without worrying what will others say to him. He can laugh till his belly shaked, cry like a year old losing pacifier, angry till green and swearing like downtown ghetto, jump while vomiting like a drunkard nascar fan, in this secret little playground. A Man can be or do anything in his secret little playground.

Right now, with all things that been through lately.. im playing death, in my secret little playground. And i let you know about that and i dont
know why..

Maybe because im not man enough to have a little secret playground.. so this will be only called a fake playground.. or maybe, there will be less of secret.. more things to say as a person..

so grey.. so heavy.. so blur..

oo.. i forgot...
im playing death right now..