Artwork for sale

Title : Khong Guan
Dimension : 100cm x 100cm w/ wood frame
Print : premium 270gm photo paper
Edition : Limited edition of 5 copies

"Selamat Tahun Baru, Selamat Lebaran,
Selamat Natal, Selamat Imlek, Selamat Waisak,
Selamat lain-lainnya"

*Khong Guan Print size


*Khong Guan close up / detail


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Dear Edi, or.

friday, 15 october 2010.
- dear Edi, or (people who care) -


"What these magazines gave was a point of view.

Most people haven't got a point of view;
they need to have it given to them-and what's more,
they expect it from you"

( Diana Vreeland, Vogue Editor in Chief 1963 -1971 )

... and she was fired then.


i do need more..
i do had enough of those published references..
i still believe lots of our photographer is artists, not a drafter..
i do miss seing spreads inspired by our natural behavior, culture,whats real..
i do miss seing spreads that photographing people, as people.
well, it just me.. dont take it personal :)


The Best Band Photos in Indonesia 2010.


(maafkan ke-naif-an saya untuk men-posting ini dalam bahasa inggris,
yang saya tahu pasti ini ngaco)

This is Royal Ego !!
Indo Rock band that trully rock!
They trully rocked and still keep rockin` the rock scene!
(wtf! mkay, for now i really dont know what im tryin` to say! damn you san miguel!)


This is all about fun.

And yes, Photography should be fun.
This series talk about their interest and what do they love.
They really know how to have a blasting fun! (in a garage)
And yes, shooting them is just like playing in their secret playfull land (garage).
*Maybe i should call this a "play-o-graphy" artworks*
Hahahhaa.. damn im good! And yess..ssaahh!


Now im proudly presenting,

The Best Band Photos in Indonesia on 2010!


Ernest (guitar) & Hendra "Jawa" (vocal)

Gilbert (bass) & Eno (drum&percussion)

- They love to show their love, ouwww -

- They love watching someone read. (?) -

- They support someone who love to read. (?) -

- They love to cuddle each other -

- They love magazines and rubber pink donkey -

- Hendra "Jawa" loves ketchup, always make him happy -

- Gilbert loves sensitive touch, really makes him turn on -

- Ernest is a cover boy -

- Eno loves being sprayed by a.. mmmm.. by a.. mmm.. spray machine? -

- They really love their vocalist -

- They tryin` to be cheerleader team and make Jawa as a blindfold director -

- They do love romantic films that thrilling and full of action w/ a bit comedy -


Special thanks to Cha gitari, Hendra "Jawa", Eno Gitara,
Gilbert, Ernest, Jenny Abidin, Sekar Larasati,
Keyko, Eno`s house keeper, Old Man Whine, BeerB*ntang, ETC.


- At last a Group Photo! Royal Ego feat me and Jenny Abidin <-- he is a stripper. -