.Macau Downtown

Macau Downtown
Solitude Journey


Shab Sebastian look, in my perspective.
Make up artist
Fashion stylist

.I HEART INDONESIA, Negabod shirt by KOIL

I really love my country, Indonesia.

Called NEGABOD shirt

Koil (Goth Metal Band from Bandung, Indonesia) new release t-shirt
dedicated to this beloved country.
Designed by Donny Jantoro, guitarist of this band.
Heart this shirt satire Negabod issues.

...Ini negara bodoh yang sangat aku bela...


yogikusuma portraits

i`ve grown 9% in a month..
a month that full of jeopardy.. full of of hate.. full of pain..
.. and full questions of why..

been screwed up.. jab up side down..
by those people who hate, not by my self..

but.. i stand up..
not against them..
just take 11 minute rest seing their act..
and still believe silence is the best thing to do
than shout out loud screamin` its not my fault..
God speed..
im 24 and half full...

.Enno Lerian

Enno Lerian
Indonesian actress, singer.
In my spontaneous 10 minutes direction.

In my thoughts she`s kinda confused? Hmm.. probably not.. hm.. Mkay.
Forget all her songs back in 90`ies
because maybe now she`s ma
ture enough to use the word "domination".
Big Thanks to Andry and Yudha.

.Fake Taste

Is it necessary? is it feels good? is it feels right? hmmm...
Blahhh!! i hate additional item for primary need.
(click image to enlarge)

.Sociality Light

overwhelm socialicious,
in my perspective

so bright.. are they?

.Gucci (ygksm initiative)

Gucci on my hand.. hahhahaha
Just my personal thought and perspective `bout word of "glam".

.eat, moi?

for my showcase.. dont know when.. blah!
.. i am your supper..


i hate this week, so.

.Mock me, Dont series

Mock me, dont!
Model : Vidya Karayya
Stylist and wardrobe : Cha Gitari
Location : 3rd eye studio

And again, direct flash with my pocket G10 camera.
Hmmm... still enjoy creating raw images and
handling mood from laugh and fun. BlahBlast! Hahaha.
and i think juergen teller and terry richardson inspire me a lot right now :p
yes, i admit it.. hahahhaha blah!