.Flirt Series

Flirt Inc. Fashion Spread for Free Magazine
Theme : Enjoying short Free time
Model is ChaGitari
Make up and styling by Shabura Sebastian
Assistant : Uuk, Chandra, Apank.
Location : Third Eye Studio
Sure we did lotta fun doin this shots, lots of laugh and direct flash.
Hahahahha.. and bug thankie for oldman red wine for
cheering up this session. Cant wait for another raw series.
Yogi Kusuma

Satire Series.

Just telling my thoughts bout something grey..
You decide what perspective this image try to tell..
hmmmm.. or this only a blasphemy to ruth? or ? hmmm..
me so not have the fashion photographer attitude.. haha.. so what :p

Talent : killjoy

Talent : She
Talent : Cha Gitari